The fundamental concept of my work is about a process to tie all the elements of painting together. The colours, form and materials remain as the main elements of painting in both a historical context and to the present day when information and content are diverse. My desire is to purely use those elements to flourish on a canvas without loosing the tradition of paintings.

When I lay the colours on a canvas using a free movement of gesture, I consider the limitation of canvas. The composition and the strength of contrast using colours to create a movement on the canvas. The movement seen in my work is from everyday life, though my work is not the representation of solid but the trace and fragments of my memory.

Born in Tokyo, Japan.
Resident in Paris since 1991.
Member of Maison des Artistes in France since 1997.
Member of Japan Artists Association in Japan since 2003.
Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris (1992-1996)
(Diplôme National Supérieur d’Art Plastique, in Dec. 1995)
Atelier Claud VIALLA, Monique PONCELET,
Musashino Art University, Tokyo (1988-1991)
(Bachelor of Plastic Arts in March 1991)


Nov. 2001
Salon de Vitry «Novembre à Vitry»
at the Municipal Gallery of Vitry-sur-Seine
Mar. 2001
POLA Art Foundation
Project for
«Color in the Middle Ages in Southern France»
Jun. 1999
Grand Marché d'Art Contemporain
(av. de la Grand Armée), Paris
Jun. 1999
Salon de Société Nationale des Beaux-Arts,
at the Carrousel de Louvre, Paris
May  1999
44th Salon de Montrouge,
«Salon d'Art Contemporain»
at the Municipal Gallery of Montrouge
(43ème 1998 also)
Oct. 1998
Salon des oeuvres sur papier
at the Château du Grand Veneur, Soisy-sur-Seine
Apr. 1998
Salon de Jeune Peinture
«Salon international d'Art contemporain»
at the Espace quai Branly, Paris
Jun. 1995
Versailles Jeunesse
«Manifestation des Artistes dans la rue»,
Versailles (1993,1994 also)
Mar. 1993
Competition of drawing «Pierre David-Weill Prize»,
Académie des Beaux-Arts,
Salle de Comtesse de Caen, Paris

Exhibits (Solo)

Jan. 2006
Odakyu Art Salon, Tokyo
Aug. 2004
Odakyu Art Salon, Tokyo
Jan. 2003
Sogo Gallery, Chiba
Sep. 2002
Odakyu Art Salon, Tokyo
Dec. 2000
Gallery Ten, Tokyo
May  2000
Gallery Qvadrige, Nice
at the Chapelle St-Jean-Baptist,
Jan. 1999
Gallery Dominique VIVENCE, Paris
Apr. 1998
Espace Cunfluence, Paris

Exhibits (Group)

Nov. 2004
Gallery ACACIA, Tokyo
May 2004
Matsuzakaya Art Salon, Shizuoka
Nov. 2003
Gallery Qvadrige, Nice
Presentation of the Illustrations of
«The Divine Comedy»
Mar. 2000
«Promesse pour les annéées 2000»
at the Espace Belleville (CFDT), Paris
Jan. 2000
Gallery M.B at Matignon
«Artistes Japonaises à Paris», Paris
Dec. 1999
1st Biennale «Regard sur l'Abstraction»
at the Maison des Artistes,
Cagnes-sur-Mer, Nice, (other 3 places)
Dec. 1999
Gallery Atlier Z, «Artistes Franco-Japonaise»
Oct. 1998
Gallery Point JAL, Paris
Feb. 1990
Gallery Nagatani Space 21, Tokyo